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A sleep study showed I did not have sleep apnea but my oxygen was around 76 at times.While oxygen stats will vary slightly, your oxygen level should always be above 90.Normal Blood Oxygen Levels Normal blood oxygen levels for the average American is about 90 to 100 percent oxygen saturation.The human body requires and regulates a very precise and specific balance of oxygen in the blood.For smokers, their normal blood oxygen level is generally lower, around 90%.Typically, when your breathing stops, oxygen levels drop in your blood and in your tissues.

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The main function of respiratory system is to maintain the blood gases (like O2 and CO2) at their optimal levels in our body.

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A: A normal blood oxygen level during sleep is approximately 94 to 98 percent, according to Sleep Apnea Guide.Blood oxygen levels below 92% are low enough to cause you harm.Medically speaking, blood oxygen levels are expressed as a percentage of oxygenated hemoglobins, a protein found within red blood cells.

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But if your oxygen level is 88 or below you will without doubt be prescribed oxygen as to stay at such low levels almost certainly will cause harm.

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Sleep apnea is a common condition characterized by a periodic reduction in or a complete stop of breathing during sleep.

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Check with your physician, oxygen levels below 90 are not normal.Each pause can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and they happen many times a night.

Many patients only need oxygen when they sleep and their oxygen levels are fine without supplemental oxygen during the day.

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We consider safe levels to be above 87% during sleep but even transient drops to or below that level are safe.Significant oxygen saturation change is defined as a drop in oxygen saturation of greater or equal to 4 percent and to a level of 90% or below.

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Blood oxygen levels during sleep should be at a 95 percent saturation, which is considered normal, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association.They often struggle to maintain healthy blood oxygen levels (above 90 percent) during the day, and at night, their levels may drop even further as they sleep.

It is a chemical element and you can find it on the periodic table with the atomic number 8.Your body is getting the oxygen it needs to perform basic functions and your internal organs are likely performing at their.Typically normal oxygen staurations are within 94-97% while sleeping.For the 1st year I was on CPAP and O2 at night and O2 as needed during the day. 13 months lately my Dr. ordered a new sleep study using both CPAP and BiPAP, with and without O2.

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It is normal for oxygen saturations to fall somewhat during sleep, even in people without lung disease.

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