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The distribution of penis size with respect to length and girth (darker shades of blue are more common).

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The average penis is five to seven inches (127 to 178 mm) long when erect (measured from the tip of the penis head to the abdomen).

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Data regarding average female and male hand size is illustrated, accurate as of 2012 and 2013.

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This seems way too small to me, since the average penis is considerably longer than that.Your hand is made up of two major parts, 1) the Palm, and 2) the Fingers.One of the aims of the research was to produce nomograms of penis size.The size of your penis has no connection to the size of your feet, hands, fingers, nose, or any other part of your body.

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Most average guys could care less and are fine with their size.So, if you want a simple, doctor-recommended way to make your penis look bigger, lose some weight.

Men in this size bracket are also likely to have concerns over their penis size, but not as much anxiety as those in the Size 1 bracket.

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In 2018, the average penis size is 5.16 inches. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the average length and girth (circumference), worldwide, of an erect and flaccid penis shown in the table below.Welcome to calcSD, a lightweight website made so you can easily view the rarity of specific dick sizes.The London clinic International Andrology asked 1,000 blokes and 1,000 women about penis sizes, sexual satisfaction and porn.At 15, you probably are still growing, and will continue to do so until you reach adulthood, about age 20.Average Penis Size Revealed More Crowd This weel that tells the true average penis size, The study Surveyed more than 15,000 trouser snakes from men from Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.The charts below illustrate average height charts for both genders varying by age.Self-reported measurements report a much larger average penis size than clinical measurements.

Men in this bracket have a penis that measure 5 to just over 6 inches in length when erect.According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, while the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches.

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They found the average penis length in the UK is 6.36 inches. Men with the largest members live in Wales, according to the survey, with the average size in that region measuring 6.56 inches. At the bottom of the table with the smallest penises in the UK was the East Midlands, which came in with an average of 6.11 inches.

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The scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences has recently published research on the average penis lengths of men around the world, and according to the study, the men of the Republic of Congo are the biggest in the world at an average penis length of 7.1 inches.

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